About Fred Samorodin

Fred Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist

Fred Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist

Fred Samorodin, Registered Physical Therapist offers gentle, hands-on physical therapy, soft tissue manipulation (osteopathic manual therapy) . His many years of experience can assist in the recovery from old and new traumas/injuries and chronic pain conditions.  Fred will support you in taking charge of your physical health, mobility and well-being through bodywork that always includes helping the body from head to feet.  He believes in also providing advice on ideas, drug-free  products and services that you can use at home to support your recovery and wellness !


  • Graduated from the University of British Columbia (1976) with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitaiton Medicine (combined training in Physical and Occupational Therapy).
  • Studied Ryodo-raku acupuncture and orthopaedics in the USSR (1977-8)
  • CranioSacral TherapyTM, NeuroStructural Integration (Advanced Bowen Technique), Full Body Fascial Facilitation, Visceral Manipulation and other osteopathic manual therapy techniques (since 1985)
  • Studied with authorities such as Howard Jones,RPT, John Upledger,DO, Loren Rex, DO and Prof. Nikolai Kolesnikov (Vocal Training)
  • Contributing author to The Malalignment Syndrome with Dr. W. Schamberger, MD,et al (2002) (ISBN 0 443 06471 7).

Fred Samorodin is a member of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia as well as the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, bodywork therapy integrating the art and science of working with the dynamics of the body’s tissues. It helps balance the skull, spinal and pelvic bones by harnessing the self-corrective tendencies of the body’s connective tissue (fascia) and cerebrospinal fluid. While very subtle, this therapy is hightly effective in treating a wide range of conditions ranging from headaches to ear infections, back pain, malalignment or malocclusion.

Craniosacral Therapy is an integrated full-body manual therapy approach to helping the body’s musculo-skeletal, nerve and organ systems recover from stress and injuries. Craniosacral Therapy describes a range of osteopathic, manual physical therapy methods that help the body reach an optimal level of function and helps with particularly chronic pain conditions where the body is restricted in its mobility whether at the joints, connective tissues or because of the protective mechanisms produced by the nervous system.

Our Three Locations

Primary Clinic:

#5-204 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 3A1

Alternate Thursdays:

Richmond Muscle & Tendon Clinic
195- 8279 Saba Road
Richmond, BC V6Y 4B6


Bodhi Tree Wellness Centre
415-2184 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 2E1

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Fred has been my physiotherapist since 1988 when I first went to him after a bad car accident. He had helped me through my injuries using various techniques using both old and new inovated ways. I continue to go to him for what I call “tune ups” when my body gets out of whack from my job at fedex. He is always helpful in suggesting exercises to strengthen those areas.
Shannon Wong
Fred is a very well trained and gifted Physio Therapist. He gets results and I usually feel much better after a physio treatment. His various modalities and out of the box thinking help achieve a higher level of health, therefore I highly recommend Fred if you have body pain resulting from injuries due to motor vehicle accidents or other life trauma.
Kent KingOwnerVancouverFun Bus Tours
Fred is a talented physiotherapist, with a knack for finding health solutions when other physios and health professionals have been unable to help me. I have had treatments from Fred for back problems, and he resolved my issue quickly. He is a gentle healer with tons of integrity!
Barb Steele
I had massive migraine headaches ever since I was tossed from my bicycle at ten years of age. When in my 50’s I had a couple of treatments from Fred and I have not had a single migraine since. I am now in my 60’s. My husband had sciatica so bad at one point that he could not walk. We called Fred who came over to our house. In one hour, my husband was up and walking.
Cheryl BoegemanOwnerBoegeman Enterprises
Fred is a non-traditional physiotherapist who loves the challenge of working with chronic pain problems and assisting his clients to get to a better state in their health.
Janice WebberPresidentThe Connective Tissue Therapies Society
My Philosophy of Care
My aim is to integrate the best of skills, service, education and resources in physical health to help clients recover from old or new traumas and go on to taking responsibility for their own self-care and make appropriate choices regarding their health and wellness.
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