Supporting Body Realignment Sessions at Home!

A major goal of Fred Samorodin, physiotherapist’s hands-on therapy is to realign and balance the body’s posture for better flexibility in motion and when resting! Without a good start to realignment in the hands of an experienced therapist, often, trying to exercise away the problem is doomed to failure!  Your activities of daily living (ADL) are as important to your return to good health and out of “dis-ease” as your therapy sessions. Here are some useful suggestions for activities of daily living:

  • Stand Tall/ Sleep Tall/THINK Tall
  • Avoid unsteady lifting and reaching body positions.
  • When lifting, keep your low back slightly arched, bend your knees and let your legs to the work. Keep whatever you are lifting close to the body.
  • Avoid stooping quickly to pick up children or things!
  • When taking a bath, sit rather than lay in the tub or, at least, use an inflatable bath pillow for your neck!
  • In the shower, pulling your long, wet hair can reinjure your neck! (And GET a proper showerhead filter to STOP breathing in toxic CHLORINE!)
  • Avoid neck jarring activities (high impact activities) especially after a recent injury.
  • Learn to stabilize your back and shoulders with a good CORE STABILITY exercise program (Ask how!)


  • Set aside a special time each day for complete mental and physical relaxation.  Remember, a change is (almost) as good as a holiday (from your daily routine).
  • Exercise your (right) brain and lungs (with music)!
  • Avoid soft, overstuffed chairs!  Recliners are okay! Try a Bodyball for a temporary seat!
  • Vary the adjustments on your carseat during a long drive for postural variety!
  • Sleep on your back or sides with your legs slightly flexed–not drawn up tightly–sleep tall!
  • Consider placing a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side (This is not just for pregnant women!)
  • Avoid  prolonged sleeping on your stomach–your neck nerves will thank you!
  • When changing sleeping positions–raise your head off the pillow by pushing your upper body over with your hand placed near the side of the head (away from the side you are moving towards).
  • Sleep on a firm mattress–preferably one that is neither too hard nor too soft for you–remember you spend 30% of your life sleeping!! If it is too hard-your bony parts will complain–if it is too soft–you will not shift around enough during sleep to realign your spine during the night.
  • Ask your therapist’s opinion before your next mattress purchase--send him mattress photo from your phone’s camera–it may help!
  • Your pillow should support your head and neck to keep your neck as level as possible with the rest of your spine.
  • Good pillow design should include: a contoured shape (for the neck), manufactured materials that draw away moisture, absorb breathing vibrations, inhibit mites and mildew, keep their thickness consistent overnight; and may include sleep-promoting magnets, head-cooling ceramic materials.
  • Get up from your bed by swinging your legs off the bed, then pushing yourself into a sitting position with your arms, while reducing the strain on your back in the process.
  • Avoid sleeping while sitting (okay, I know-not always possible when travelling by air!) Use a horse-shoe-shaped ‘travel’ pillow BACKWARDS to support the chin from hitting the chest. When you arrive, the travel pillow (with “Mickey Mouse’s ears up) can create a contour pillow out of any pillow you find at your destination!
  • Quality sleep in good therapy!

If you have any questions about any phase of your therapy or health goals–feel free to ask Fred Samorodin, your physical therapist–even by email! He will be happy to respond!

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Richmond Muscle & Tendon Clinic
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Bodhi Tree Wellness Centre
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Fred has been my physiotherapist since 1988 when I first went to him after a bad car accident. He had helped me through my injuries using various techniques using both old and new inovated ways. I continue to go to him for what I call “tune ups” when my body gets out of whack from my job at fedex. He is always helpful in suggesting exercises to strengthen those areas.
Shannon Wong
Fred is a very well trained and gifted Physio Therapist. He gets results and I usually feel much better after a physio treatment. His various modalities and out of the box thinking help achieve a higher level of health, therefore I highly recommend Fred if you have body pain resulting from injuries due to motor vehicle accidents or other life trauma.
Kent KingOwnerVancouverFun Bus Tours
Fred is a talented physiotherapist, with a knack for finding health solutions when other physios and health professionals have been unable to help me. I have had treatments from Fred for back problems, and he resolved my issue quickly. He is a gentle healer with tons of integrity!
Barb Steele
I had massive migraine headaches ever since I was tossed from my bicycle at ten years of age. When in my 50’s I had a couple of treatments from Fred and I have not had a single migraine since. I am now in my 60’s. My husband had sciatica so bad at one point that he could not walk. We called Fred who came over to our house. In one hour, my husband was up and walking.
Cheryl BoegemanOwnerBoegeman Enterprises
Fred is a non-traditional physiotherapist who loves the challenge of working with chronic pain problems and assisting his clients to get to a better state in their health.
Janice WebberPresidentThe Connective Tissue Therapies Society
My Philosophy of Care
My aim is to integrate the best of skills, service, education and resources in physical health to help clients recover from old or new traumas and go on to taking responsibility for their own self-care and make appropriate choices regarding their health and wellness.
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