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Fred Samorodin, Registered Physical Therapist of Integrated Craniosacral & Voice Physiotherapy Services is available for sessions in two (2) Vancouver locations.

Fred uses osteopathic techniques and principles to successfully treat low back and neck problems. He integrates therapy techniques helpful in resolving problems in other body areas such as the skull, facial bones, pelvis, organs and limbs which, if left untreated, prolong recovery or develop into chronic health challenges.

He blends his professional knowledge as a physical therapist with experience in:

  • Craniosacral Therapy,
  • Visceral Manipulation,
  • Advanced Bowen Technique
  • Full Body Fascial Facilitation
  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Restorative Exercises

Gently restores your tissues to healthy functioning (unwinding.)

You are comfortably positioned (clothed) on a treatment table. You may be taught core-stabilization exercises to maintain improved postural alignment achieved during sessions.

With Fred’s extensive experience in improving jaw mobility (temperomandibular joint), he also incorporates manual therapy to help relax and balance the tongue and throat muscles needed for good voice control when one’s work requires good voice quality.

If your car needs alignment–take it to an autobody shop–if your body needs alignment–consult

Fred Samorodin, RPT

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