Maximize your workout by wasting less time at the gym

Maximize your workout by wasting less time at the gym

Get the most out of your routine by changing it up, opting for other machines in peak hours, forgetting the book and focusing on sweat.

Maximize weight training with performance in mind.

There’s no shortage of opinions on how to maximize your efforts in the weight room. Unfortunately, most lifters follow a routine that’s based more on rumor than on science. And while not everyone will get the same results from the same workout, it pays to understand the facts when designing an effective weight-training routine.

Curl-up your way to a six-pack

Newspaper article quotes recent studies that show the lack of desired effect on abdominal muscles using sit-ups. Fred Samorodin’s use of Mastermoves Core Training for good abdominal muscle tone is further validated.

Antioxidants, Key to Immune Health

I just received this flyer insert from Shoppers Drug Mart concerning antioxidant supplements and their benefits to our immune system.  As I can offer some great antioxidant solutions to you, have a read and get in touch. 604-732-6323 Fred “Are you envious of your friends and co-workers who never seem to get sick?  The ones […]