Supportive Health Products

In his continual research into approaches, techniques, products and methods to holistically reinforce the benefits of his physical therapy/bodywork sessions, Fred Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist offers the following supportive health products for sale.

Contact Fred Samorodin to order, to request a consultation or for further advice and instruction about these products.

Image of 4 sizes of silicone cupping therapy cups with the Fascia Buddy logo printed on top of all of them. Beside each cup is text with their size: "XS", "S","M","L". The Fascia Buddy logo is featured on the upper right corner of the image.
  • Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups
    Simple, soft, flexible and easy to use silicone cups for at-home static and massage cupping techniques. No hand-pumps or fire required! 4 cup sizes are available, extra-small (1.2″ diameter), small (1.5″ diameter), medium (2″ diameter), and large (2.5″ diameter), each size ideal for different areas of the body.

    Order through e-mail at Please include your name, shipping details, and be ready to provide payment through e-transfer or
    Pre-payment required and shipment will be home delivered.

“The fact that you can enhance your physical health and recovery from many injuries with the program makes this available to you, even if you are not able to experience my professional physical therapy sessions in person.  I invite you to contact me about Core Training through Mastermoves!”

  • Nikken, Inc. Health Products, featuring magnetic and far infrared technologies.
    Nikken has a range of supportive healing, sleep aid, relaxation, wellness and athletic aid technologies and products. Fred Samorodin has been using and distributing Nikken products via his practice since the 1990s. Magstrides, Kenko knee wrap, MagCreator massage roller are amongst some of products that Fred frequently recommends. Contact Fred to make a purchase and be provided instruction on how you can get the best use out of these products.
  • Kangen Water System
    Water is a key component of overall health. With its innovative technology, Kangen water systems alter the pH and mineral content of the water you drink and use, adapted for different purposes for your health and around the home such as efficient cleaning.
  • Books: Read My Hips! Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment!
    By Wolf Schamberger — $60.00 CDN (plus shipping)
    A contributing author to Schamberger’s previous book The Malalignment Syndrome, Fred recommends Read My Hips! as a valuable reference tool for fellow healthcare professionals, and for anyone seeking a greater understanding of your pelvis and spine’s functions, roles in alignment and malalignment, as well as techniques and treatment approaches for achieving and maintaining your body’s alignment.
    Email to request a copy!