Blair Shapera

I highly recommend Fred. He first helped me recover from back surgery 20 years ago and has gotten me “back on my feet” innumerable times. I’ve referred more than 50 friends and clients who’ve all had the same great results, often after not getting relief from other health care providers. A miracle worker.

Baljinder Narang

I am very appreciative of all that Fred has done to get my back pain-free most of the time. He has instructed me on strategies that work and is a great professional that has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Thank you!

Shannon Wong

Fred has been my physiotherapist since 1988 when I first went to him after a bad car accident. He had helped me through my injuries using various techniques using both old and new inovated ways. I continue to go to him for what I call “tune ups” when my body gets out of whack from […]

Barb Steele

Fred is a talented physiotherapist, with a knack for finding health solutions when other physios and health professionals have been unable to help me. I have had treatments from Fred for back problems, and he resolved my issue quickly. He is a gentle healer with tons of integrity!

Janice Webber

Fred is a non-traditional physiotherapist who loves the challenge of working with chronic pain problems and assisting his clients to get to a better state in their health. Fred offers a variety of treatment methods which are excellent for chronic pain problems and recovery from motor vehicle collisions. I worked in Vancouver in the 1990’s […]